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iJOE - Collaborative Virtual 3D Environment for Internet-Accessible Physics Experiments 
By Tina Scheucher, Philip H. Bailey, Christian Gütl, and V. Judson Harward, December 2009
In this paper we focus on the integration of internet accessible physics experiments (iLabs) combined with the TEALsim 3D simulation toolkit in Project Wonderland, Sun's toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds 
Video Games and Virtual Reality: Final Post 
By Alfred, December 2009 
... Runescape, Wonderland, and America's Army 3. We became creators and gained some experience in graphics modeling through programs like Google Sketchup and FaceModeler. These two roles helped us understand how the virtual world works. ... 
Videos - Ofok Human Network 
December 2009. Project Wonderland v0.5 Preview. This video provides a demonstration of some of the new features that will be included in the Proj... Tags: Wonderland, Sun .. 
iJOE - Volume 5, Special Issue 1: "REV2009", August 2009 
December 2009.  Project Wonderland and Sun's toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. Within such a collaborative environment these tools provide the ... 

How is used in the localization of Project Wonderland 
By Qingjiang Yuan, December 2009
A local Project Wonderland workspace is created on; 2.A message database is created ... How difficult to becomeSun's customer - experienc. .. 

Science and Technology 
December 2009.  The emergence of virtual environments, such as Second Life, Croquet, Sun Wonderland, and hundreds of others, creates opportunities for new means of ... 
Immersive Education Em: FINAL 5 
By EmilyB, December 2009 
I think both SecondLife and Wonderland will be virtual giants. They will expand different world within the virtual worldWonderland will be finished and since Wonderland is more intricate than SecondLife, more people will be attracted ... 
VW Interoperability Use Cases: Slide 1 
By Jon Watte, December 2009
Virtual World
Interoperability: What is it good for? Jon Watte ... participated in the discussions at all (Sun/Wonderland,, ... 
12 x 3D Tools for Education, Training & Collaboration 
By Jane Hart, December 2009
11 - Project Wonderland - Open source toolkit for virtual 3D worlds ... Individuals should be able to do their real work within a virtual world...
15 Free Open Source Softwares from Sun Microsystems 
December 2009. If you are a Nigerian newbie developer or a student developer, you can take advantage of these free downloadable open source softwares from Sun Microsystems...Project Wonderland - Developers and graphic artists can create collaborative 3D virtual worlds with Project Wonderland, a 100% Java technology-based and open-source toolkit. In-world users can communicate with high-fidelity immersive audio, share live desktop applications and documents, and conduct real business.