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Maxping Piivot Tatkaal Ondemand virtual world meetings with all the business tools now available from Amphisocial 
Jani Pirkola, Maxping, January 15, 2009
Amphisocial launched an on-demand 3D virtual world meeting environment this week with the objective of providing a powerful, immersive collaboration alternative to the web based meeting tools like Webex, GoToMeeting etc.. It uses realXtend and Sun Wonderland virtual world platforms ... 
The sociomateriality of organisational life: considering technology in management research 
Wanda J. Orlikowski, Cambridge Journal of Economic, Nov 2009
In organisations, a number of dedicated synthetic worlds—such as Project Wonderland (from Sun Microsystems), ProtoSphere (from ProtonMedia), ... The Project Wonderland rooms, offices, screens, and documents are part of an online, three-dimensional, immersive environment for workplace collaboration within Sun Microsystems.. 
Editor's Daily Blog 
By editor 
In today's Weblogs, it was a quiet day on, so I wandered over to the site, and soon found some interesting new posts about projects and upcoming Java-related events. The Wonderblog, a blog about the Wonderland project, announced Module Warehouse Featured in New Wonderland Web Site: We are pleased to announce that we have unveiled a newProject Wonderland web site today 
Question on 3D collaborative virtual world: How could we attract open source coders? 
AI Lab, January 2010
Our lab has successfully conducted the Shanghai lectures that were completed in December 2010...There a 3D collaborative virtual environment was piloted called "Wonderland"...
We are aiming in optimizing and further developing the 3D virtual environment yet a lot of programming effort is still required. In particular, graphics pefrormance should be enhanced. 
Saint Paul College in Wonderland 
Josh. Posted Fri, 01/01/2010
This is a virtual world running on the server we call Enterprise , named in honor of a famous ship which bears the same name. The video is a demo of Project Wonderland v. 0.5 Preview 2+, which is an experimental release used for development and testing. 
Victoria students virtual world project wins award 
Business Technology, January 13, 2010
The Infocomm Club of Victoria School’s (VS) has won the National Infocomm Club Awards. The Club has won in the Secondary/Junior College Level Category, awarded by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore. Their project is an interactive 3D virtual world built on Sun Microsystems’ Project Wonderland platform. The theme for the year was “The Youth Olympic Games & Me”.  Victoria School’s project, titled “Experience YOG for Interaction and Information (EYOGII)” came out tops from a total of 12 short-listed projects in the Primary School Category and the Secondary & Junior College Category. The VS team’s 3D virtual world consisted of interactive chat, local information and news updates for YOG delegates from abroad. 
+ Spaces 
Kevin Roebuck, January 12, 2010
Here's some info on the latest Wonderland effort as part of European FP7 initiative. Dr. Michael Gardner at Essex who headed up the MiRTLE Project with us is the PI now on + Spaces. Recently funded by the EU Framework 7 ICT programme (call 4), the +Spaces project (Positive Spaces: Policy Simulation in Virtual Spaces) will start in January 2010. 
Building 3D Virtual Worlds with Project Wonderland (Chinese) 
Kevin Li, December 2009
WWonderland项目是Sun公司开发的,用于构建3D虚拟现实的开源工具包。使用Wonderland项目,可以快速构建自己的 3D虚拟社区。目前 Wonderland的最新版本是 0.5 preview 2,本次在线培训将着重介绍Wonderland 0.5的各种特性,以及如何使用Wonderland 0.5来构建虚拟世界Kevin Li, December 2009
WWonderland项目是Sun公司开发的,用于构建3D虚拟现实的开源工具包。使用Wonderland项目,可以快速构建自己的 3D虚拟社区。目前 Wonderland的最新版本是 0.5 preview 2,本次在线培训将着重介绍Wonderland 0.5的各种特性,以及如何使用Wonderland 0.5来构建虚拟世界 

Forterra Systems layoffs have implications for the enterprise immersive software market
Erica Driver, ThinkBalm, December 23, 2009
Ben Lindquist says: December 25, 2009 at 12:02 pm...If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of combining live application screens and desktop sharing with a 3d immersive environment with VOIP, try out Meeting Labs or Wonderland, or any other platform which has achieved that level of software utility.

Glob – Indusgeeks 2010 – Serious Games, Enterprise Virtual Worlds, Immersive Internet, Advergaming and more 
By Indusgeeks, January 8, 2010
Improving 'Metamersive™ Products by adding new 3D platforms like Unity3D , Open Sim and Project Wonderland, with the addition of authoring tools, SCORM support etc. • Healthcare Education. • Security and Defense. Major theme for 2010 will be the same as 2009 – 'applications of virtual world technologies'.