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Open Wonderland to be used as a catalyst for African Education

Juliana Momodu, Hypergrid Business, March 24, 2012
Educators in Nigera are using Open Wonderland to help bridge the educational, gender, economic, social, and technological divides in Africa and worldwide.

Students test virtual debating environment

Bernard Horan, Hypergrid Business, March 23, 2012
The +Spaces team has implemented a debating tool in Open Wonderland as another way of engaging citizens.

Open Wonderland's Games Village

Maria Korolov, Hypergrid Business, January 18, 2012
Game developers in Singapore now have a new avenue to try to find publishers — showcasing their games in the Singapore Games Village, part of the Media Development Authority of Singapore’s new Games Solution Center. Now the incubator will also offer a virtual world, based on the Open Wonderland platform, where developers can demonstrate their games to potential distributors.

WonderSchool streams world to a tablet

Maria Korolov, Hypergrid Business, December 27, 2011
According to WonderSchool, a subsidiary of Germany’s THINSIA, clients can now access the platform on an iPad by having their user session streamed to the device.

NSF awards $549,458 for Cyberlearning project

Staff, Hypergrid Business, December 15, 2011
WonderBuilders and Springfield Technical Community College are collaborating to build a virtual campus for teaching English to non-native speakers.

How Real is Real Enough

Clyde Warden, Hypergrid Business, September 29, 2011
Feelings of presence are examined in the context of an educational negotation role playing game.

WonderSchool Makes Alice Immersive

Roland Sassen, Hypergrid Business, November 30, 2010
WonderSchool is a portal for schools where they can build their own virtual world, or use an existing one, and give their users access to software programs.  Today, WonderSchool offers live Alice workshops for teachers in the Netherlands and Germany....
"Create Once, Experience Everywhere" 3D/VR Format Unveiled for Immersive Education
Media Grid News, November 9, 2010
The Immersive Education Initiative today unveiled iED 3D/VR™, the open and royalty-free cross-platform 3D/VR mesh file format that enables 3D and virtual reality (3D/VR) content to be created once and experienced across a range of virtual worlds, games, simulators and mixed/augmented reality applications. The culmination of over 2 years of work conducted through the Open File Formats Technology Working Group (OFF.TWG), iED 3D/VR is aligned with the COLLADA™ standard and supported by official iED virtual world platforms realXtend, Open Wonderland, Open Simulator ("OpenSim") and Open Cobalt in addition to the candidate iED platform Sirikata.

100% Java Virtual Worlds: How to Deploy Innovation in the Virtual Enterprise

JavaOne, September 23, 2010
Nina Nussbaum-Jones, Senior Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin, gave a talk about how to deploy your own scalable virtual world using Open Wonderland. From the meeting-in-a-briefcase laptop environment to the large-scale enterprise server, she described how the toolkit is being used in Lockheed Martin to enable a geographically distributed workforce.

The Open Wonderland COMSLIVE Project

Virtual World Watch, September 3, 2010
From Birmingham City University, Nigel Wynne describes the COMSLIVE project...The project seeks to explore the feasibility of using the Open Wonderland (OWL) virtual world platform to provide a creative and innovative solution to more effective communication and team working skills development amongst health care learners.