Community Overview

Community Test1Open Wonderland provides a variety of ways to engage with the open source community. We look forward to your active participation.


Public Servers
The Open Wonderland Foundation operates two community servers. One is the Meeting Server which hosts weekly Wonderland Wednesday meetings and hosts sample worlds created by community members.The other is a Demo Server that has a standard Open Wonderland installation, allowing you to explore all the default worlds that come bundled with the Open Wonderland distribution.


The discussion forum is primarily for the discussion of technical issues. It is the main mechanism for getting support and help with any issues related to Open Wonderland including installation help, coding questions, or art problems. All of the core Wonderland team members monitor the forum daily. (Look here for the Project Wonderland Forum archives.)


Wonderblog is the official blog for the Wonderland project. Refer to the blog for the latest news and for stories about how people are using Wonderland. Guest blog posts from the community are always welcome. Please send blog story ideas to Nicole Yankelovich (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Documentation Wiki
This Wiki contains system administration guides, technical and user-level tutorials, as well as guides for content developers.


Community Wiki
This Wiki is intended for the community to share any Wonderland-related information they wish. It contains content such as community member bios, notes from community meetings, and a list of Wonderland servers.


Facebook Page
This page is intended for everyone interested in following the progress of Open Wonderland. Discussions on this forum are non-technical. It's a good place to go for help and support with Wonderland projects related to research, distance education, or corporate training. It's also a great way to share screen shots from your Wonderland events.


Twitter Feed
Follow Open Wonderland updates on Twitter.


IRC Channel
Interact in real-time with members of the Wonderland community on an IRC channel: irc:// The community always uses this channel during community meetings and events as a "backchannel" in case there are problems or to alert people of a server restart. You can usually find at least a few people on the channel at other times. The link above points to an IRC web client, but you may prefer to use an open source client such as Pidgen or Colloquy for the Mac.


Project Ideas
The Wish List is a place for community members to contribute ideas for small features or enhancements they would like to see in future versions of Wonderland.


Issue (Bug) Tracker

Use this tool to submit bug reports and request feature enhancements. If you have a feature request, please first write it up on the wish list or in a forum post so that the idea can be discussed before it is entered into the Issue Tracker database. (Look here for the Project Wonderland Issue archive.)


Open Source Site
The Open Source Site is the repository for the Wonderland code as well as home of the Documentation Wiki, Forum, and Issue Tracker.