To submit a module to the Open Wonderland Module Warehouse, please follow the directions below:

1. Host your module jar file

First you must decide where you wish to host the jar file for your module. There are two options:

  • Host the module jar file on your own website. This is the easiest option. You should have the URL to either the module jar or your download page handy (depending on whether you would prefer for users to access your jar file directly from the warehouse or be directed to your download page to get your module).  You will  also be given the opportunity to enter a URL for general information about your project or company.
  • If you don't have a web site appropriate for hosting your jar file, you can use Google Docs to host the jar. If you don't already have a Google account, you'll need to click on "Create an account" to establish a Google account. Once you do this, use the links on the top of the Google page to navigate to "Documents." Then click on "Upload" to upload your jar file. Then click on the jar file in the documents list and copy the URL to enter into the form on the Module Warehouse page.

2. Register for an Account

Before you may submit a module, you must register for an account on this Open Wonderland website. Note that this account is in addition to your Google account, if you have one. 

3. Add your module to the warehouse

Finally, you may submit your module by visiting the Module Warehouse on this site and clicking the Submit link. You must be logged in with the account you created in Step 2 above.

Note that you will need the following handy:

  • The URL of your module jar file or of your download page
  • A descriptive name for your module
  • The version you assigned to your module
  • An icon associated with your module (optional)
  • The URL of your project or company website (optional)
  • The category in which your module belongs (choose the best fit)
  • The software license you have selected for your module
  • The versions of Open Wonderland your module is compatible with
  • A set of keywords that can be used to search for your module in the warehouse (optional)

When submitting your module, you will be allowed to enter arbitrary text that further describes your module and/or any additional installation or configuration steps necessary. This description should be brief; we strongly encourage you to add a screenshot or image and also to write end-user documentation that you should host on your own web site (and include that link in your module description). Note that you may also add an entry to the Help menu on the Open Wonderland client via APIs available to module developers.

We encourage you to classify your module as either "stable" or "unstable". You can use the following HTML in your description:

<h6>Developer Classification: <span style="color: #800000;">Unstable</span> (<a target="_blank" href="/index.php/about/contact-us?id=145">what's this?</a>)</h6>