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Open Wonderland Foundation Launches
Press Release, March 10, 2010
Today Ken Miller, the CEO of Virtual Learning Labs, announced the formation of the Open Wonderland Foundation and the creation of the Open Wonderland virtual world platform. The Open Wonderland platform is a "fork" of the Project Wonderland toolkit originally developed by Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Miller, who will serve as the Foundation's first President and Chairman of the Board, explains that the non-profit Open Wonderland Foundation will provide direction and governance for Open Wonderland...

Project Wonderland: New Horizons
Nicole Yankelovich, SmarterTechnology Talk, February 25, 2010
Developed at Sun Microsystems, the Wonderland virtual world and 3D collaborative environment toolkit, built on Sun's Darkstar scaleable MMO engine, has earned raves from over 1000 development teams at over 400 companies and institutions. Now Sun/Oracle have announced their intent to transition the Wonderland project to its users. Join us for a conversation with Nicole Yankelovich, Sun's original project lead for Wonderland, and learn about Wonderland (and DarkStar's) exciting future.

On-demand virtual world meetings with all the business tools now available from Amphisocial
Jani Pirkola, Maxping, January 15, 2010

Amphisocial launched an on-demand 3D virtual world meeting environment this week with the objective of providing a powerful, immersive collaboration alternative to the web based meeting tools like Webex, GoToMeeting etc.. It uses realXtend and Sun Wonderland virtual world platforms based on an algorithm that determines the best suited platform depending on the application options customer wants to use within the meeting.

New Sun Wonderland Site 
Virtual Education, January 26, 2010
Sun Microsystems has put up a new page for their Project Wonderland an open source virtual world platform... It’s been since back before Summer that I looked at Wonderland. It looks like things have progressed very nicely since then. 
Building 3D Cultural Heritage in Virtual World Using Wonderland Technology
Putchong Uthayopas, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, January 14, 2010
Objective is to investigate the use of 3D vitual world to create a lost cultural heritage for education. Wat Chai Wattanaram, one of the most impressive of the remaining monuments of old Ayutthaya is selected as a test site.
Gary Ritchie, Designer + Digital Artist: Project Wonderland Web Site 
Gary Ritchie, January 26, 2010.
Web site design for Sun Microsystems virtual world platform, Project Wonderland... Deliverable was an installable Joomla! template with core and 3rd party module overrides. 
Communication Skills Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments - COMSLIVE 
Birmingham City University, January 26, 2010
This project will evaluate the educational impact of a communication skills learning scenario created using the Project WonderlandVirtual World platform and will determine the scalability of this approach to learning within a higher education institution. 
People, Ideas & Objects - User Vision - a knol by Paul Cox 
Paul Cox, January 17, 2010
Critically here is where Professor Wanda Orlikowski pick up her research. Note that her discussion is based on the Sun Microsystems "Java" (imagine that) environment known as Project Wonderland. An "Open Source" (imagine that) development framework for business' to implement these technologies. 
FVWC Green Phosphor Entry 
Green Phosphor LLC, January 24, 2010.
Green Phosphor is pleased to enter Glasshouse into the United States Federal Virtual World Challenge.  Glasshouse currently works with Second Life, Sun Wonderland, Forterra OLIVE, and VastPark; additional virtual world platforms are easily added through the .. 
Basic Intro to Glasshouse - YouTube 
Ben Lindquist, January 22, 2010
Ben Lindquist shows the basic operations for interacting with Glasshouse within Green Phosphor's customized Sun Wonderland virtual world. This is the place to start if you are wanting to know what Glasshouse is and how it works.