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Dusan Writer's Metaverse » The Competitive Landscape of Virtual Worlds 
By Dusan, December 2009 
... which has never quite shaken its tweeny-type feel), while the latter category includes Forterra, Protosphere, Wonderland, Croquet, and a few latter arrivals like Web.Alive. The de facto leading virtual world remains Second Life. ... 

Collaboration 2.0: Technology and Best Practices for Successful ...  
By David Coleman, Stewart Levine
Organizations should be able to use Wonderland to create a virtual presence to ... Figure 22: A View into the Sun WonderlandEnvironment (including Avatar) ...

Building and Delivering Mixed-Reality Lectures with Wonderland

Slides created by Michael Gardner from University of Essex.

3D Data Visualization in a 3D Mindmap Format for Virtual Worlds
By Ben Lindquist. December 10, 2009. CEO Ben Lindquist narrates an excursion into cyberspace to see Green Phosphor's 3D user interface technology. Green Phosphor is using the patent-pending technology to produce a virtual laboratory in which researchers can perform model based drug development. The laboratory will be packaged as an appliance, using Sun hardware and Sun's Wonderland virtual world.

Enterprise Virtual Worlds to See Real-World Growth, Wagner James Au, GigaOm - San Francisco,CA,USA, October 6, 2009