Open Wonderland Videos


For a complete list of Open Wonderland related videos created by community members around the world, see videos on the Community Wiki.

Video Cube

This video showcases Open Wonderland's new video feature, capable of playing HD video. Videos can be projected onto a variety of different surfaces within the world and multiple videos can be played simultaneously. As this demonstration shows, adding videos to the world requires a simple drag-and-drop and a variety of video formats are supported.

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Video Player Demonstration

This video demonstrates the ability to embed videos in a variety of different formats into an Open Wonderland virtual world via drag-and-drop. The video shows that multiple videos can play simulatenously and video windows can be moved and even overlapped, potentially allowing for some interesting creative applications.

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Virtual Patients Help Train Student Nurses

This SkyNews story highlights the COMSLIVE project from Birmingham City University which uses a hospital simulation created with Open Wonderland to train nursing students.

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High Level Architecture Explained

In this video, architect Jonathan Kaplan provides an explanation of the high level architecture of Open Wonderland. He begins by discussing the client-server nature of the platform and the three conceptual levels that Open Wonderland operates on. Jonathan goes on to describe one of the most important Java classes that forms the basis of the Open Wonderland code, as well as the various types of modules that can be created. The video is a great introduction to the platform for new users looking to get started with Open Wonderland developement.

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Xland: 3D Immersive Blog

Xland is a 3D immersive blog built in an Open Wonderland virtual world. The world demonstrate's Open Wonderland's ability to model real-world events and objects with accuracy and place them in various environments. The creators of Xland used a variety of existing Open Wonderland modules and created over 15 of their own to share with the Open Wonderland community.

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