About Open Wonderland

Open Wonderland is a 100% Java open source toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. Within those worlds, users can communicate with high-fidelity, immersive audio, share live desktop applications, and collaborate in an education, business, or government context. Wonderland is completely extensible; developers and graphic artists can extend its functionality to create entirely new worlds and add new features to existing worlds.

The vision for Open Wonderland is to provide an environment that is robust enough in terms of security, scalability, reliability, and functionality that organizations can rely on it as a place to conduct real business or education. Organizations should be able to use Wonderland to create a virtual presence to better communicate with students, customers, partners, or friends. Individuals should be able to do their real work within a virtual world, eliminating the need for a separate collaboration tool when they wish to work together with others. Individuals should also be able to tailor portions of the world to adapt to their needs and to express their personal style. The types of collaborations that can happen within the space include audio communication, live desktop applications of all kinds, and collaborative creation of world content (both graphical and procedural).

One important goal of the project is for the environment to be completely extensible. Developers and graphic artists can extend the functionality to create entire new worlds, new features in existing worlds, or new behaviors for objects and avatars. The art path for Wonderland is also open. The eventual goal is to support content creation within the world, but in the shorter term, the goal is to support importing art from open source 3D content creation tools as well as professional 3D modeling and animation applications.

The Open Wonderland FAQ answers some basic questions for first-time users about joining, navigating around, and participating in a Wonderland virtual world.  Check out the Documentation site for more detailed information about how Open Wonderland meets the needs of users, developers, content creators, artists, students, system administrators, and more.

Open Wonderland is governed by the non-profit Open Wonderland Foundation. Please consider making a donation to the Foundation to support the continued development of this free and open source toolkit.

Disclaimer: Open Wonderland is software under active development. It is NOT a product. The Wonderland development team is small; we have no Q/A or documentation team. Our focus is on developing the key features to enable others to build interesting virtual worlds on top of the platform in an open-source development framework.