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The tooltip module provides a new capability that can be added to all objects in the world that displays tooltip on the heads-up display (HUD) when a user hovers over the object with his/her mouse. To use the tooltip:


  1. Install the Tooltip module
  2. Right-click on any object in the world and select Properties...
  3. Click the '+' button on the lower right-hand-side of the Object Editor window
  4. Select "Tooltip" from the dialog box and click OK
  5. In the Object Editor window, select "Tooltip" that should now appear under the list of Capabilities for the object
  6. Enter the tooltip text in the text area on the right-hand-side of the Object Editor window and click Apply


The tooltip should appear when you hover over the object with your mouse. The tooltip disappears when you move your mouse, or after a short configurable time-out.


The tooltip can either be plain text, or be HTML. To employ HTML text, enclose your text in the tags. Note that HTML tags like
,,, and should all work.


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