File Name: Office-Converter Downloads: 2854
Category: Utilities Uploaded By: Bernard Horan
Created Date: Sep-07-2011 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
Hits: 4498 Hits Released By: Bernard Horan, University of Essex
License: GNU V 2 with classpath exception Version & Compatibility : Version: 0.1, Compatibility: rev 4706 of trunk
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The office-converter module converts common office document formats into PDF. Simply drag and drop a document into your wonderland client and it will be converted to pdf and rendered using the pdfviewer (or any other suitable renderer).

This uses openoffice to perform the conversion, so file formats are restricted to any text document, spreadsheet or presentation supported by openoffice. Also, it requires an installation of openoffice3 on the same host as the wonderland server. Full instructions are available in the README.


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