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Kinect Control

File Name: Kinect Control Downloads: 5906
Category: Utilities Uploaded By: Wietlisbach
Created Date: May-30-2013 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
Hits: 16077 Hits Released By: Hochschule Luzern Technik & Architektur
License: Open Source Version & Compatibility : Version : 1.0 unstable Compatibility: Windows x86/x64
Contact URL :

To run this module, you must first exchange two wonderland_native.jar's on the server. The two new jar's can be downloaded from and
They are located on server in:
- $HOME_DIR/.wonderland-server/0.5/run/deploy/wonderland-web-front.war/app/win32/wonderland_native.jar
- $HOME_DIR/.wonderland-server/0.5/run/deploy/wonderland-web-front.war/app/win64/wonderland_native.jar

This module runs on the client and brings avatar control via kinect. The client must have the Kinect SDK Beta 2 from Microsoft ( installed.

Possible controls:
- Walk: Just move your legs up and down
- Turn right: Hold right arm to the right side
- Turn left: Hold left arm to the left side
- Fly up: Hold right arm up
- Fly down: Hold left arm up

Gestures can be extended by changing the file gesturesBDA.txt inside the kinect-control-client.jar. For this you can use the software KinectDTW (


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