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Created Date: Jan-08-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
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License: GPL v2 + classpath Version & Compatibility : Version : 0.1, Compatibility: v0.5
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PDF Spreader
Developer Classification: Unstable (what's this?)

The PDF Spreader depends on the Presentation Base module. Both modules must be installed for the PDF Spreader to work.

Once installed, you will be able to drag and drop PDF documents into an open Wonderland window.  You will be asked to select how you wish to view the PDF:

Select PDF Spreader dialog

Once you select the Spreader option and click "OK" it will take a moment for the slides to appear. Once they do, right click and select "Edit Slide Layout" from the context menu. A tool palette will appear for manipulating the slides:

PDF Spreader Palette

The "Create Presentation Space" button will add a moving platform to the slides. Note that this feature only works with the "Linear" layout in this version of the module.

To move the slides to a new location, use the standard editing tools by right clicking on the slides and selecting "Edit" from the context menu.


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