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File Name: Authentication Downloads: 6195
Category: Systems Administration Tools Uploaded By: Nicole Yankelovich
Created Date: Jan-10-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
Hits: 7700 Hits Released By: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
License: GPL v2 + classpath Version & Compatibility : Version : 0.2 Compatibility: v0.5
Contact URL :
Developer Classification: Stable (what's this?)

This module enables people to log in to Wonderland using a username and password. It also provides the web user interface for user management. Instructions for installing and using this module can be found in the Wiki article "Configuring Authentication."


IMPORTANT NOTE #1: You must follow the instructions in the article to uninstall the default security module and replace it with this one.


IMPORTANT NOTE #2: This version requires Wonderland revision 4329 (January 25, 2010) or later.  If you would like to install this module with an older version of Wonderland, please use this version for trunk revisions 4323 and earlier, or this version for trunk revisions 4324-4328, instead.


NOTE #3: Updated November 14th, 2011 to fix problems related to JavaScript. The previous version can be found here.

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