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File Name: Poster Downloads: 4812
Category: Multimedia Uploaded By: Nicole Yankelovich
Created Date: Feb-15-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
Hits: 5745 Hits Released By: Bernard Horan
License: GNU V 2 with classpath exception Version & Compatibility : Version : 0.2, Compatibility: v0.5
Contact URL :

Once installed, you can created a poster in your Wonderland world by selecting "Poster" from the Insert Object dialog. A default poster with the words "Hello World" will appear. Right click on the poster and select "Set Text..." from the context menu. If you want simple text, then replace the words with your custom text.


For more complex posters, you can enter HTML code in the Enter Poster Text window.


Set text dialog with HTML markup


This sample HTML poster results in a poster that looks like this:


Sample poster created with the poster module


There are some restrictions on the HTML that you can include. These are detailed in the Java tutorial "How to use HTML in Swing Components."

Archive: v0.1 of the poster module


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