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Created Date: Jan-10-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
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License: GPL v2 + classpath Version & Compatibility : Version: 0.1 Compatibility: v0.5
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Datastore View
Developer Classification: Unstable (what's this?)

The Datastore View is a debugging aid for developers that displays the objects stored by the Project Darkstar gaming middleware layer. This module prints out messages in the Darkstar server log when the server first starts up. To use, install the module, and (via the Web Administration UI), set a property named datastoreview.max to a value of 50000 for the Darkstar server component.


Use Open Wonderland for a while and then restart the server using the Web Administration UI. When the server completes its restart, the first 50,000 entries in the Darkstar database appears in its log file.


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