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Agile Software Development Method

A video demonstrating a virtual implementation of the agile software development method using the Open Wonderland toolkit. The video is a snapshot of the work of a team from Massey University in New Zealand. Their goal is to port their "Agile Technique Hour" workshop to Open Wonderland in order to facilitate a virtual setup of the training workshop.

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Twitter Integration via Twitter Viewer Module

A demonstration of the Twitter Viewer Module, one of the many user-created modules extending the functionality of the Open Wonderland toolkit. This module allows for Twitter integration by allowing the user to display tweets about a certain topic in-world as they are tweeted.

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Virtual Valley: Health-oriented Collaborative Virtual World

An Open Wonderland user demonstrates Virtual Valley, a health-oriented virtual world that enables users to exercise, socialize, and learn in a virtual setting. This unique application of the Open Wonderland collaboration toolkit is built entirely with open source libraries and is controlled by the Nintendo Wii remote and various non-intrusive medical sensors.

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COMSLIVE: Developing Communication and Teamwork Skills in Health Care Education

In this video, the COMSLIVE team demonstrates their virtual world created to help health care students develop communication and teamwork skills within an education setting. The project uses the open source Open Wonderland toolkit to allow students to collaborate and learn virtually.

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"Create Once, Experience Everywhere" 3D/VR Format Unveiled by Immersive Education Initiative

The Immersive Education Initiative announces the ability to "Create Once and Experience Everywhere" with all iED virtual world platforms. iED 3D/VR is designed specifically to enable 3D and virtual reality content to be exchanged between all official Immersive Education Initiative virtual world platforms. This video demonstrates the 3D/VR technology in a variety of platforms, including the Open Wonderland project.

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