Twitter Viewer Module

File Name: Twitter Viewer Module Downloads: 1363
Category: Utilities Uploaded By: Bernard Horan
Created Date: Jul-27-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
Hits: 1529 Hits Released By: Bernard Horan, University of Essex
License: Apache 2.0 Version & Compatibility : Version: 0.1, Compatibility: Trunk
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Twitter Viewer Module

A module for viewing Tweets from Twitter. Provides a search interface to Twitter and renders resulting tweets in world and in a HUD. To use, install module in usual way, then insert the object into the world. Your avatar will be standing on the 3d model of the pigeon (this is a bug!). Use the context menu to open the control panel, then enter your search terms and hit or click on the search button.

Developer Classification: Unstable (what's this?)


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