CMU Module

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Category: Education and Simulation Uploaded By: Nicole Yankelovich
Created Date: Jan-10-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
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License: GPL v2 + classpath Version & Compatibility : Version: 0.1, Compatibility: v0.5
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CMU Module
Developer Classification: Unstable (what's this?)

The CMU Module provides integration with programs created using CMU's educational programming environment (version 3 or later). You can drag and drop animations or other .a3p files into a running Wonderland window. This module has both a server and client component, so please review the README file carefully for installation instructions.

CMU Alice fish animation running in Wonderland

This image shows an interactive fish animation created using the CMU tool. From within Wonderland, you can stop and start the animation and set the playback speed. In this particular animation, clicking on the fish causes it to start swimming.


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