Group Tools

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Category: Collaboration Tools Uploaded By: Nicole Yankelovich
Created Date: Sep-08-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
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License: GPL v2 + classpath Version & Compatibility : Version: 0.1, Compatibility: v0.5
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Group Tools

The Group Tools module adds a "groups" tab to the Users list window. All groups that you have set up using the Edit --> Groups in world, or using the Groups section of the Server Admin console will be listed in the groups tab. Selecting a group name allows you open the group chat window for that group or send a broadcast message to the members of the group.


Unlike the Text Chat All window, chat messages sent to a group persist so that a member of that group can see all messages sent to the group since the beginning of the current session.


This module relies on OpenWonderland core revision 4505 (August 22nd, 2010) or later to work properly.


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