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Webcam Viewer

File Name: Webcam Viewer Downloads: 6315
Category: Multimedia Uploaded By: Jonathan Kaplan
Created Date: Jan-10-2010 Last Updated Date: Feb-06-2014
Hits: 10711 Hits Released By: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
License: GNU V 2 with classpath exception Version & Compatibility : Version : 0.11, Compatibility: v0.5
Contact URL :
Webcam Viewer

The Webcam Viewer is a 2D application for viewing live streaming video from webcams. This application supports any camera that provides a Motion-JPEG stream.

After installing the module, you can add a Webcam Viewer to the world by selecting Insert > Object... then choosing Webcam Viewer from the Insert Object dialog.


When the Webcam Viewer starts up, it'll connect to a default webcam. To connect to a different camera, take control of the application by right-clicking on the window and selecting Take Control from the menu. Then select the folder icon from the control panel and enter the URL of the camera.

Note: The camera URL usually isn't the same as its IP address. You need to provide the URL of the video stream. For Axis webcams, the URL has the following format:

For password protected cameras, enter the username and password.

The Webcam Viewer is a collaborative application. When you connect to a different camera or pause playback, everyone will see what you see. If you want to view a camera privately, unsynchronize first by clicking the gear icon on the control panel.


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