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This week's test will be Monday, October 19, 8:30AM Pacific, 11:30AM Eastern, 17:30 CEST. We'll try to vary the time of these tests to make them more convenient to people in different time zones.

Stay tuned for specific server information.

Here are the guidelines for participating:

* You should use a computer that has successfully run Wonderland in the past
* Before connecting to the test server, set your client to use one of the low-quality avatars (cartoon or toy)
* Please use headphones
* Don't do anything in the world other than open HUD windows, talk, and walk around unless asked
* Set up your environment to collect data as described in the Testing 101 tutorial (
* Connect to the #wonderland IRC chat channel on the server

We'll be using the Colloquy IRC client on our Macs:

Keep in mind that the server will likely fail at some point. Our goal is to figure out where that point is. We'll use the IRC channel to communicate with everyone, so please be sure that you're set up to connect to that chat channel prior to the test if you'd like to participate.